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Green Source Spring Roll Series

Spring Roll Packing: 15gx60pcs/box x 10/ctn
Spring Roll Ingredients: Pastry: Wheat Flour, Water, Salt, VC
Spring Roll Fillings: Cabbage, Green Bean, Carrot, Soy Bean vermicelli, Onion, Champignon, Dried Toufu, MSG, Sugar, Salt, Salad Oil, Pepper powder, Sesame oil, Sweet potato starch, Soy sauce, Ginger, Garlic

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Spring Roll In Wrod

In Australia, where there is a tradition of westernising Asian dishes, the Australian counterpart is known as the Chiko Roll. See Dim sim.

Philippines and Indonesia
Lumpia is the name for spring rolls in the Philippines and Indonesia.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, spring rolls are known as Loempia. They are thought to have been introduced by immigrants from Indonesia. Loempia's are filled with Taugeh, bean sprouts, chopped omelette, and sliced ham.

In Mexican fried spring rolls are similar to Chimichangas, while non-fried spring rolls are similar to burritos.

Costa Rica
In Costa Rica spring rolls are called in Spanish "Tacos Chinos" (Chinese Tacos), offered in almost all the Chinese restaurants as an entree or appetizer.

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