Straw Mushrooms and its Medicinal Properties


This Asian mushroom gets its name from being cultivated on straw that has been used on a paddy. They are also known as paddy-straw mushrooms and grass mushrooms

These grayish brown fungi are long with a conical cap over a bulbous stem, and have a mild flavor that makes a nice addition to Chinese dishes. They can sometimes be found fresh in specialty produce markets but are more readily available canned.

Straw mushrooms are cold in nature and is especially good for summer, they clears Heat, benefits "Yin" energy and promotes the production of body fluid. They contain protein, fat, iron, zinc, various amino acids and large amount of vitamin C. They have healing function for hypertension patients and those with high blood cholesterol level. They have been used as an auxiliary treatment for cancer and diabetes patients.

Straw mushroom and pork soup tastes delicious. Steamed chicken with straw mushrooms is equally tasty. Assorted vegetable tofu hot pot should include straw mushrooms besides tofu sheet, black flossy moss. It tastes even better than using fragrant shiitake mushrooms. Mixing straw mushrooms in steamed minced pork adds an extra flavor.

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Title:Straw Mushrooms and its Medicinal Properties
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